Generation Conscious

Brand Identity and Website Design
Brand Development
Website Design
Design Direction
c/o Please Respect Our Neighbors
Marta Sharapova, Design
Labelle Chang, Design
Joe Wright, Motion Design

generation conscious is an ambitious start up that offers liquidless© laundry detergent sheets and is hinged on the effort to reduce the water waste present in liquid based laundry detergents, while equivalently reducing the overhead costs for this basic needs hygiene product.

The unique nature of the company targets university students within school housing by offering them monthly inexpensive–free (in some cases) laundry detergent option by partnering directly with the schools to install these readied vending machines on campuses around the US.

We developed a direction that utilizes the irony of a younger demographic by the use of a liquid lower case backward g to represent this liquid free brand.

The brand systems tows a line of being clear, concise and professional while also having bright and fun appealing elements in order to live in both the worlds of the students and university members, all while being conscious of environmental best practices.