Public School New York SS18

Collection Graphics and Launch Materials
Design Direction
Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne, Creative Direction
Tomo Kawaguchi, Producer

Provided design direction and concept for the collateral around the presentation of Public School New York's 2018 Spring / Summer collection, titled "COME AGAIN."

In collaboration with Jordan Brand, we created invites, promotional and display design based on the concept of thriving communities of immigrant based families and businesses peppered across NYC. The form we based the concept on was the humble "thank you, come again" bags that can be found in each of New York's boroughs, from many cultures, in various colors and designs.

The invite was then folded in the shape Dao-Yi (Co Founder of Public School), a native New Yorker and son of Chinese immigrants, remembered while growing up. Then the folded bag was suspended in a clear dimensional envelope before being sent to guests and friends of the brand. From that we created posters and garment graphics based on the visual nature of flyers found around Chinatown, the area where the show was held.

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