anOnlyChild SS24. Studio Lookbook & Additional Printed Materials

Layout Design and Crafted Assembly
Design Direction
Editorial Layout
Antonia Klimza, Design

An on-going dialog with Maxwell Osborne who's brand anOnlyChild has been growing with him since 2020.

During the New York's market week sessions the studio was changed into a showroom to present the brand's concept to buyers. To support this, we designed and bound a lookbook to showcase the captured elements of the clothing along side the physical hanging collection in the showroom.

This display book was made to sit without a top cover bound with a 2 ring binder in order to be a piece that could forever be added to and repurposed for new seasons.

Spring Summer 24, presents anOnlyChild's familiar heritage ethos represented with three backdrops inside a home — thus we ideated around actual cut out areas as windows to hold onto the super subtle textures and dimensional shadows created through the hand cut counter shapes. The irregularities are what make something that cannot truly be replicated.

The envelop becomes a makeshift inside cover page while also being housing a secondary smaller book that can be given and taken by guests upon conclusion of their session.